NeoRec сap

NeoRec сap

mobile EEG cap

NeoRecCap can be used for education, research and development in EEG, neuro-computer interfaces (braincomputer interface, direct neural interface, brain interface), bio-feedback (BCI), neuromarketing, neurogaming, brain fitness.


  • 16 DC EEG channels for biomedical and research applications
  • 24 bit resolution
  • BLE wireless for PC and mobile application
  • lightweight and small EEG amplifier
  • 12 sizes of cap cover from 24 cm up to 66 cm of head circumference
  • quality Ag/AgCl sintered electrodes
  • a wide range of EEG accessories (different types of electrodes, adapters, etc.)



16 DC monopolar according to GND

Dynamic range

±150 mV, ±300 mV

Data resolution

24 bit

Output sampling rate (OSR)

125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz (8 channels), 1000 Hz (4 channels)

Passband (-3 dB)

0 – 430 Hz @OSR 1000 Hz

Input impedance at DC

more 1 GOhm


2.5 uV p-p @ 0.1.30 Hz

Electrode impedance measuring

1..140 kOhm ±10%

Events from internal smart accelerometer

activity (4 steps of sensitivity), change orientation, free fall

Events from button


Check of battery status

smart by charge/discharge counting

Work from full internal battery

more 12 hours

Charging of internal battery

2.5 hour from +5V USB adapter

Firmware update

Wireless by special mobile application

Wireless data interface

BLE 4.2

Wireless certification

CE, FCC USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan


68 x 38 x 17 mm


35 g


  • EEG amplifier NB2-EEG16
  • Electrode cap PROFESSIONAL/BASE NB2-16, size by choose
  • Ear electrode PROFESSIONAL/BASE with ear fixator
  • USB charger cable, User manual, Plastic box for storage
  • NeoRec software for Windows 10 PC (Internet loading)

You can buy NeoRecCap via our internet shop of EEG accessories MCScap