DEC pre-gelled

DEC pre-gelled

Disposable EEG cap with 22 pre-gelled passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes according international 10-20 system

DEC22 is a disposable system of 22 electrode EEG cap with pre-gelled passive Ag/AgCl scalp electrodes. DEC22 is intended for use with encephalographs and amplifiers of medical signals by special adapter.

Main advantages:

  • 100% solution to the problem of cross-infection;
  • Ready to use cap with pre-gelled electrodes;
  • Easy and quick set up - less than 5 min;
  • Light and comfortable cap for patient;
  • Regulation of sideline fixators for correct size fitting and exact electrode positions.

Disposable cap allows to save much time:

quick set up – no need standard placing of electrodes
easy set up – no need special skills
no need preparation and gel
no need clean and dry
no need disinfection

Available sizes:

L   54 - 60 cm   21" - 23 5/8"
M 48 - 54 cm    19" - 21"
S  42 - 48 cm    16 1/2" - 19"

Area of application:

Neurology, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Nursing Care, Ambulances, Sports Medicine, Clinical & Science Research, etc.


Number of EEG electrodes


Electrode positions

Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, F7, F8, Fz, Cz, C3, C4, Pz

T3, T4, P3, P4, A1, A2, T5, T6, O1, O2, GND

Electrode material


Electrode polarization

<15 mV

Electrode noise

<1 uV p-p (0.16 rms) @ 0.1-70Hz

Electrode impedance

< 1 kOhm @ 0.1 ÷ 70Hz

Electrode condition

pre-gelled, electrodes are already with EEG conductive gel

Duration of EEG recording

4 hours, without add of gel

Total duration of EEG recording

24 hours, with add of gel every 4 hours

Avaliable sizes

L (54 – 60 cm), M (48 - 54 cm), S (42 - 48 cm)

Set up time

3-5 minutes

Storage of the opened package

24 hours

Storage life

24 months

Storage temperature

-30...50 C

Size of package (LxWxH)

less 490x460x15, mm

Weight of cap in the package

less 200 grams

Necessary reusable accessories:

  • Adapter DEC22-DB25 for connection DEC 22 to EEG amplifier with common connector DB25, 1.5 m cable length
  • Adapter TP2DB25F for connection EEG cap with common connector DB25 to any EEG amplifier via TouchProof connectors, 0.3 m cable length